Our History is Still There… You Just Have to Look

I decided that if I am to do my part in bringing back our State government to a point before we were occupied and trampled on then I needed to find the historical documents that defined our government back when we were free. I found the NC State Constitution as written in December 18, 1776 and all Amendments and Ordinances attached to it up to May 13, 1862. This includes the declaration of secession and ratification of the Constitution of the CSA in 1861.

In going back to these historical documents it was amazing to me how much can be learned about the actual events without the filter of present day government. In addition to the NC State Constitution, I found a letter that was written by the NC Governor, Z.B. Vance to Jefferson Davis (I presume) on May 17, 1864. This letter is titled “Message from the Governor” and I assume it was an open letter that was distributed to the NC citizens of the time. I was not prepared for what I read in that letter as I never thought there would have been much friction and/or disagreement between the politicians of the CSA. It seems though that they were as much human as we are and along with extremely hard times, hard decisions had to be made. It seems that the NC coast was a port of entry for smuggled goods and Jefferson Davis expected those goods to be delivered to the CSA general government in their entirety tax free while NC citizens paid a hefty tax on all items imported. Governor Vance had other ideas, in that while North Carolinians took the risk to smuggle the goods in, then NC should receive their fair share before they left NC.

This was but the first of many subjects covered in the letter (and the tone remained very friendly) but one topic stood out for me.  Governor Vance compared the offer of peace that King George sent to the colonies during the Revolutionary War to the demands Lincoln laid out for the Southern States provided they gave up their fight. Keep in mind that King George actually offered a very generous “peace treaty” that included keeping ALL taxes within the colonies to be used here for our benefit only among other things. It may not have been clear if those promises would have been kept, but Governor Vance’s point was that King George’s offer had been so generous that it certainly had many in the colonies debate seriously whether a fight for Independence was worth it. Yet, George Washington and our other Fore Fathers did not waiver and continued to fight. Remember, Governor Vance is referring to General George Washington in the following writing:

“Strange as it may seem, these “specious allurements of peace,” described and denounced by Gen. Washington, have not been presented by the enemy. We are trying to delude ourselves. So great is the hostility and so furious the fanaticism of the dominant party at the North, that they have not even offered us terms that could be regarded by the most timid and wavering as “alluring.” Lincoln’s proclamation is so grossly outrageous and so repugnant to our every idea of liberty, property and honor, as to ensure the rejection of the terms it holds out, while it adds weight and gives a tone of authority to the oft-repeated assertions of their public men and presses, that they want no compromise but will only be content with our subjugation. If our enemy were really willing, under any circumstances, to compromise with us upon any terms short of our absolute submission, they would certainly say so, and that to those whom they know to be authorized to entertain their propositions. The insiduous attempts to invoke separate, individual and State action, proves this conclusively, and can have no other intention than to plunge us into civil war and to subjugate us beyond redemption. How strange then to think, as some our people honestly do, that the very plan proposed by the enemy for our destruction, is the best way to secure a speedy and honorable peace! I respectfully submit that my plan, based on the wisdom and patriotism of Washington, and the universal teaching of history–to strengthen and sustain the army, and negotiate through the proper channels–is the safer and the better one.”

It is truly amazing to read the actual words of our Fore Fathers and hear directly what was in their hearts and minds. I believe that like they had to do, we may find ourselves having to compromise some of our own policies during the transition from an occupied land to Freedom. In his letter, Governor Vance protested the requirement of tax collection at the hands of the CSA general government because it violated the very principle that the CSA was founded upon. However, the War of Northern Aggression forced the hand of the CSA to take extreme measures. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to win the war. We just have to have the discipline to let go when we have our Independence secured.


In any case, I highly recommend to all CSA citizens to do a search for the old documents for your State during the 1860-1865 timeframe. You’ll be amazed at what you will find.

By Douglas McCue, Representative for The Confederate State of North Carolina


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  1. Very interesting Douglas, I think this convinced me to check on Tennessee’s. Thanks again, For God and country, Chuck Bushong

  2. Mr. Brigman says:

    My Great Great people were able to achieve Rebellion in and on short order. All they had was a pencil and paper and horseback’s. how can this be with today’s technology that we cant rebel from our enemy within and do something? This is crazy to say the least. We’ve sat and watched this madness for much to long. may God bless her true blood Confederate Citizens for we suffer every minute of every day!

  3. Royal Brown says:

    Thank You , good to see the web-site is still here gives me some hope still.

  4. Mr. Head says:

    It’s good to see other Confederate men like me who see eye to eye. The government is getting worse by the minute and rather Obama likes it or not, we will find a way to secede. God bless the Confederacy and the south will rise again.

  5. Jack says:

    Dear Mr. Douglas McCue, Representative for The Confederate State of North Carolina

    as a follow up to my previous statements and conversations on this homepage I would like to add an important message, that comes from the bottom of my heart.

    Even though I will never be granted the right to become a “legalized” citizen of the C.S.A. for obvious reasons (not born on soil and not able to claim any ancestors who were) I am, as stated before, a TRUE Confederate at heart. A “Swiss by birth but Southern by the grace of God”. Besides all prevously mentioned motivations and reasons, there are indeed some facts that can give you a hint and conclusion towards my words.

    I was born in Switzerland ( a country where your Secretary of State lived for a while too) and therefore already AM a confederate. You may doubt this but I can give you an upright and clear justificaion for such a statement:

    – as a matter of fact, Switzerland as many other European countries) was supportig the south during the war that led to the occupation of the South.

    – as a matter of fact my country carries the CONFEDERATE in its OFFICAL name Confoederatio Helveticae (latin name of Switzerland)

    – Our constitution VERY much reflects the values of the C.S.A. constitution http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_Federal_Constitution

    – the most important thing are in THIS order a) the RIGHTS of the people b) the rights of the Cantons (States) and c) (last but not least) the Federation

    – we have fought MANY wars for independance over centuries

    – we STILL refuse to be part of the European Union (Union is a lousy word)

    – There is a memorial in Lucerne (a LION carved in stone)for the 760 killed Swiss Guards protecting the French King during the French revolution of the socialists and this EXACT memorial in Lucerne (Switzerland) has been copied for the CONFEDERATE Oakland Cemetary in Atlanta (check the web ressources)

    – I myself got introduced to the REBEL FLAG through music (Rockabilly) and started to “investigate” the CAUSE. I came to the conclusion that this cause was JUST.

    Gentlemen– in THESE times of federal opression we need to stand untied and NEVER forget WHAT we stand for. It is about time to ralize, that a centraistic governent, embedded in a so called NWO (New World Order) can NEVER be a solution. Can NEVER give TRUE freedom to a people that has been opressed for 148 years

    – Did you know that MILITARY Service in Switzerland is mandatory for EVERY Swiss citizen from age 19 to 35? I myseld used to be a staff seargent with the airforce. By the way we practice with “hot” ammo……real combat! 600’000 highly sophisticated armed, best trained. Not meant to attack anbody. But meant to defend what we stand for CONFEDERATIO HELVETICAE (CONFEDERATE STATES of Switzerland) so you guys better stand for the 2nd Amendment of your constitution…and YOU ask me WHY I WANT the C.S.A. to succeed? And YES, OUR Army is a PEOPLE based MILITiA


    By the way: I am NOT a supporter of ANY violent action. But I am a supporter of defending ones soil against oppression.
    “HERITAGE NOT HATE” the means of the southern way MUST be a political one.

    DEO VINDICE, my Brothers! With ALL my due respect

  6. Douglas says:

    Jack, your support for the CSA is without question and is much appreciated. Even though you were not a native born Southern American Confederate, there is a pathway for you to become a citizen. Six months residency in one of the Southern occupied States is the requirement to request citizenship. Granted, Switzerland sounds like an awesome place and I’m glad you have such a great place to live…just throwing it out there. You’re welcome to come on over!

  7. Jack says:

    Dear Douglas
    thank you so much for your kind reply. It filled my heart with joy. It is a profound joy to know that there are many carrying the same dream in their heart. The only sad thing is that when I talk to people about it…they often confuse heritage with hate and do not see what the flag really stands for.

    As mentioned before in another post I will be back this spring to touch southern grounds fo a week. This will be my “high time of the year”. I was thinking about trying to make a “move over” when I was younger. But somehow never was encouraged enough. But the longing for being HOME never stops. Did not and will not. But I will never be one of those illegals flooding the southern soil.

    Either I will find a LEGAL way one fine day or none at all. And until then I salute you all with a greeting:


    WHAT a WONDERFUl video.


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