The recent violence in Charlottesville Virginia

The violence and Blood shed in Charlottesville Virginia rests at the feet of the occupiers and their News media propaganda arm, which continually uses propaganda as a means to facilitate the continuation of the occupation. Such propaganda leads to attacks on, and removal of our Confederate monuments from our occupied Confederate States.

This race baiting and propaganda which is used to associate our Confederacy with Racism creates instability within our occupied Confederate States. White Nationalists, groups as well as ANIFA, and SPLC Race baiters /false flag groups will always cloak themselves and infiltrate our cause to end the occupation of our Southern Confederate States, restore the Founders’ intent and the Articles of Confederation, to aid in the continuation of the occupation.

The occupiers News Media Propaganda arm will lay the blame on Confederates, and purposefully create a false association with racism.

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  1. David says:

    I just want to say one thing. How did that A_ _ H_ _ _ get in office ??? Because no southerner thought to get involved. Why cant our citizens check out who is running for office that effects our lives ? Our towns. Wake Up fellow Dixie citizens fire those trans plant carpet baggers. VOTE: If you cant or wont shoot a gun, VOTE, and ask questions. PLEASE.

  2. Derek says:

    I’m a proud Southerner and a proud Alabamian. And as we all know the former capital for the CSA is in Montgomery, home to the most beautiful and most plentiful Southern/ CSA monuments in America. My fear is that such terrorist organizations such as anifa and blm will sooner rather than later set their sights upon my beloved home. I think we as Southerners and all my fellow Alabamians NEED to be ready for this and be willing to come together en masse; men, women, and children, and oppose this attempt at cultural genocide. The majority of Southerners in the war of northern aggression fought not to maintain the institution of slavery but to defend their family farms and homes against yankee invaders sent to pillage, rape, and burn the South to the ground. I beg you all, please be willing to stand up in the face of monstrous adversity when the time comes.

  3. Vernon Cox says:

    I laid out a comment on the Charlottesville situation and
    how it compares with the situation before the 2nd Confederacy
    and it’s still a symptom of the same old crap of “where the Federal government begins and ends”. These Confederate men stood as trying to (still) find a solution for it. Here is a decent statement of mine on Facebook about the yankee bytch Nancy Pelosi wanting to move our memorials from the Yankee Capital :Vern Cox That would be removing the people who had the solutions to the problems we have now. Let the States decide on marriage, let state governors enforce immigration laws and punish their own sanctuary cities, fully release the National Guard to the governors to handle radical Islamic training Camps etc… Much of the problems of AnteBellum America still exist today. Slavery was a problem but not than big of one on everyone’s mind. Sex Trafficking (White Slavery) is a problem, but no one is thinking about it, but state’s like Sheriff Joe Apario’s (who’s being charged in Federal Court for contempt) Arizona are being ‘hobbled’ in enforcing immigration laws and border patrolling which would put a big dent in the issue. Antebellum slavery (as a central issue) is a smoke screen to the bigger issues, just like racial division is a smoke screen to states handling foreigners more effectively and preserving their local customs and history. If the “Damned Ole Cats” had their way, the country would split again and would want history to show it was centrally over “White Supremacy and Racism” when in reality, it’s still the same old constitutional problem of where the Federal government’s authority begins and ends in relation to the states. Everything else are symptoms of THAT underlying problem. VEC

  4. Howard says:

    People need to stop waiting for the United States to the do the right thing. We need to rise up and re-establish the Confederate States of America.

  5. Jon Doh says:

    The media only focuses on what the “right” did and fails to ignore that violence always starts from the left in these demonstrations. Antifa is a Marxist movement and BLM is financed by the Communist Worker’s Party of America. Yet, none of this ever gets mentioned in the press. They simply refer to them as “counter protesters.” The media would do well to read their manifesto and report what they’re truly about. Or simply study history and realize that they’re trying to do in this country what they (the Communists) did in Russia. Which is, take down all the historical statutes and rewrite history.

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