The Interim Government for the Confederate States of America and the several Provisional Confederate State Governments do not sanction any violence against individuals, groups, organizations, or the occupational authorities. Any Citizen, civil servant, contractor or other aligned entities which commits or incites any acts of violence shall do so at their own risk and peril, and are subject to punitive actions by their Provisional Confederate State Government and the Interim Government. Punitive actions can include, but are not limited to, discharge and/or the severance of their relationship with their Provisional Confederate State Government and the Interim Government for the Confederates States of America.

The severalProvisional Confederate State Governments and the Interim Government for the Confederate States of America can and will access any and all applicable laws to maintain a peaceful restoration process.

This work is provided for educational discussion of great historical & contemporary importance.

Nothing set forth herein is intended to be legal advice rather these facts are distributed solely for purposes of public information from and to Confederate State Citizens.

We encourage dialogue regarding contents & purposes of this work but will not engage in Argumentative or Conjectural positions. However, any Fact or Proof
in rebuttal of this information is encouraged through analytical, logical, investigative, methodical, reasoned, fair & rational debate

God save our Confederacy